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23 March 2007

DOVE Launched a Campaign Promoting The Mature Woman

DOVE has done it again!

They have kicked off a campaign promoting the beauty of the maturer woman. And why not seeing as we mature women are spending a phenomenal amount of dollars on their products.

Yet, they didn't have to do it but they did.

As one of those more maturer women I find it self~fulling to see my very body image displayed in a national ad campaign.

I have very seldom ever been ashamed nor uncomfortable with my body. I can embrace my cellulite ripples and dimples. And, let's face it ladies cellulite to the body is hard to overcome. Very few womyn of any ages are absent & null and void of this plague. It's part of the territory.

We need to be proud without any shame wear it like a badge of honor because it is. We've earned our stripes and we've paid our dues by merely being Womyn. The ads commercials and promo's in the media is only a sales hype. Don't let the billboards get you down. I don't and I won't.

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, 'Pro-Age' is promoting their products specifically designed for the woman over '40' but they feel 'beauty has no age limit'.

Read the comments some of guest panel spoke regarding this campaign at http://shetheuniversehasspoken.typepad.com/

Some women weren't happy with the display of our human body.

1 comment:

my mother is a dove woman said...

you're correct Dove's earning ought to sky rocket behind this, especially where our mothers and grandmothers are concerned.

sad to hear that the FCC forbidded this campaign to run commercials, as if these ladies were unattractive.

we see much more provocative and sexual things on commercials and television.