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26 March 2007

Man Gestates a Fetus

"Mr. Lee Mingwei is the first human male in history to gestate a fetus within his own body. This procedure was made possible through a phase II clinical trial at RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center in New York City. This seven-minute video is an excerpt from a feature film documentary, produced by Doc en Stock/Arte France and directed by Sophie Lepault and Capucine Lafait. For more information, please visit http://www.malepregnancy.com/"

Yeah right!

I was almost got for a moment. In this day in age pretty much anything is possible. From test tube babies, embryo implants even sex change operations from MTF and FTM is happening everyday. Medical Science has come along ways but this through me for a loop to say the least.

Listening to Mr. Lee speak on his pregnancy was a good source of entertainment. He was unable to describe the emotions of it all, being pregnant. Now that's a true sign 'he not pregnant'. I loved the way he stood with his hands on his hip. One of the characteristics we've all seen demonstrated by a mother-to-be.

Mingwei says jealously drove him to do this. His sister was able to procreate and this brought on a certain fascination and envy so he took on this project to become the first male to give birth. Wow, pregnancy childbirth termed project. I tell ya' man. No more penis envy we now have vagina envy.

Can Males Really Give Birth?

The male Seahorse can. He has a pouch that the female inserts eggs into which are fertilized and nurtured until he gives birth. They're different species of Seahorses and depending on what kind some may birth 1,000's of little Seahorses, while others can only birth as little as 15.

Now bless the male Seahorse for carrying the burden of labor, but he still has it better than we womyn do. It only takes him about one and a half hours to accomplish and complete the process of childbirth.

Yet, within a few hours he is ready to become impregnated again. Oops!

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