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09 May 2007

Lisa Bufano Amputee without Legs knows the Art of Dance

Artist, Lisa Bufano age 34 is by far one of the most beautiful-est and courageous women I have laid eyes on in quite a long time.

Ms. Bufano lost her fingers and legs when she was only twenty-one years young to a staph bacterial infection. Yet, Lisa jogs between 2 to 8 miles every day. She's an Award Winning animator & doll maker. Not only this but Bufano recently performed a solo modern dance of the Five Open Mouths in Boston, MA., at Boston University. Lisa Bufano just received a grant to put on a major dance works in New York City.

Five Open Mouths, is a dance piece which "explore themes such as the conspicuous nature of possessing a deformed body in public, achieving acceptance through merit, the universal human desire for comfort, lifestyle modifications inherent in living with prosthetics and the quest to evolve para-human abilities through technology."

Lisa wants to be seen as beautiful attractive and sexy like everyone else. Well, Lisa your beauty attractiveness and sexiness supersedes the beauty of most.

To learn more about this amazing woman click onto Lisa Bufano. Watch the beauty of her dance, view podcasts performances.

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