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11 May 2007

Say What, Paris Hilton not expected to Serve the entire 45 Days

I promised myself I wasn't going to feed into the frenzy by writing one iota about Paris Hilton being sentenced. Sentenced to local county jail time. However, I must admit Becky at Just a Girl in shorts talking about whatever made me fall off the wagon. I've been secretly leaving comments, while enjoying her posts about the I'm so innocent naive dumb playing the part Paris Hilton. Because, dumb innocent and naive she is not.

But, I'm fuming right about now, yet absent of any anger. How in the world could it even be considered, that Miss Hilton probably will not serve the entire court ordered 45 days? It's simply based on the merit that she is Paris Hilton.

A drunk driver, which has happened on more than one occasion. The judge ordered her to enroll in an alcohol program. Miss Rich and Famous never bothered to do so. "I'm sorry your Honor, but it's the fault of my Publicist." Whatever Paris! Because, in the very State that she resides & drives drunk in I have family members that I love.

Innocent people are sent to death row everyday. And, the judges nor prosecutors will acknowledge the DNA, witnesses , along with solid evidence that they're innocent. That these individuals could not possibly committed this crime, but the evidence falls on deaf ears.

It takes 20 to 30 years to sometimes overturn a ruling. But Paris she's overturning the judge's ruling in how many days. I don't wanna hear nothing about murder -vs- drunk driving, because drunk driving turns into murder. Principle is principle. She needs to take her little ass to prison jail whatever ya' want to call it.

Okay, now I'm getting angry so I better quit. And, Paris should best be glad that she's not my next door neighbor. I'd call the police every time she started up her car. At least in my mind I would want to do so, even if I didn't.

Two thumbs down, Paris and no snaps from me!

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