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29 May 2008

Berlin is Honoring their Gay and Lesbian Victims of the Holocaust

A memorial to the homosexual victims of the Nazis has been unveiled in Berlin. The memorial is a grey slab of concrete containing a screen which shows a looped video of two men kissing. Every two years the video will alternate between two men and two women.
This just touches my heart on so many levels, with all the historic changes that are taking place here in America. We have an African American Black Man running for the United States President, an unless something major and disastrous occurs is not only our Democratic Presidential Nominee, but Senator Barack Obama will be elected our first official African American Black - man of color - President - of the United States.

And -- I can't forget Hillary Rodman Clinton though she is not our first woman who has ran for US Presidency, she is the first woman that has come this far.

Then, just less than 48 hours, again historical changes have taken place with same sex marriage here in the United States. We are arriving to the point where gays lesbians and transgenders have a civil right to get married and divorced - just like the straights - oops! should I say Heterosexuals...lol!

This really blew me away --
Berlin’s openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit, unveiled the memorial. He said: “This memorial is important from two points of view — to commemorate the victims, but also to make clear that even today, after we have achieved so much in terms of equal treatment, discrimination still exists daily.”
I live in Cincinnati Ohio and we still cannot have an openly gay mayor. And, this is called America the Super Power of the World - whatever man!!

Finish reading this great story over at Lesbilicious.


thehostess said...

Thanks for this post, and thanks for putting me on your blogroll. "God Is A Dyke" now graces "The Outskirts" blogroll as well!...damn I love your blog's name...

Miss Vicki said...

thank you for both! you actually get my meaning of it, it's said as a matter fact (God is a Dyke) and absent of any disrespect - it's my image of.

Barb said...

That was an inspiring story, hopefully America is listening.