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16 May 2008

Ellen and Portia are Tying The Knot

Due to the ruling and decision to allow gays and lesbians to marry in the sunny state of California, Ellen announced today that she and longtime girlfriend Portia will be getting married.


CrackerLilo said...

I'm happy for them, and happy for us!

A few years ago, Ellen was on the cover of Allure magazine. She had the hugest, most beautiful smile on her face. There was a blurb inside that explained why, and I had to post it in my blog:

"When shooting Ellen DeGeneres for this month's cover, Thompson relied heavily on one prop--the star's five-foot-eight girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, who perched a few inches behind Thompson on an apple crate. 'There's magnetism between these women,' he says. 'So I told Ellen to use Portia's eyes as a focal point.' The trick worked. 'There was a moment when Portia laughed and Ellen's whole face lit up--boom, that was the cover shot."

Miss Vicki said...

i'm happy for the lgbt community, marriage is just not 4 me.

i hope they marry and it lasts 4 a lifetime

Shaney said...

I saw the announcement via youttube..I think it is wonderful. For Ellen & her partner. But more so for our community as a whole. Great news...xox

Miss Vicki said...

you know i sure wish that it would be televised, wouldn't that be wonderful Shaney?! thanks 4 ur feedback!

Sh@ney said...

Oh for certain Miss Vicki...I'd have the popcorn, tissues and record button all ready to go!!!

Miss Vicki said...

lol! i was in absolute awe watching Shane on the LWord getting ready to marry what's her face, the image made marriage look normal to me for once. it almost made me say i want to get married - yeah right - but close. (smiles)