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27 May 2008

One Citizen from Daily Kos the Creator of Michelle Obama Torture Depiction

One Citizen has removed this illustration.

But here are Citizen's word regarding his illustration.

"You have to admit that the sensationalist image snagged a lot more readers though. unrepentant. BTW I took that image down long before anyone realized it. I figured I'd take it down as soon a I hit a certain number of comments. I still think that it was entirely appropriate, historically accurate and politically relevant. Besides, it was an ILLUSTRATION, a FICTION not a PHOTO. I still don't get what all the uproar was about mainly because only one person bothered to really articulate their feelings."

Just in case you're not knowledgeable about 'Lynching', read this

Nearly five thousand men and women were lynched in the American South in the years between Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement. These black men and women were not slaves. They were hardworking, taxpaying citizens of America who had been granted the right to vote and given equal protection of the law in the American Constitution. Yet they were viciously murdered for tiny infractions of a racist social code. These gruesome murders were carefully constructed to impact the entire community. The lynch mob not only killed its victim, it stripped whole communities of any sense of security, protection, or predictability... That such a horrifying imaging of Michelle could be deployed in her so-called-defense made me sad, angry and really very scared. Melissa Harris-Lacewell, The Root.

I'm too shocked numb and dumbfounded by One Citizen to even say a word, basically I feel as if he just raped tortured and lynched me.

{i discovered this over at What About Our Daughters?}


CrackerLilo said...

*blink blink*

Basically they used racist imagery in the service of...fighting racist imagery?

I guess they think that when *they* do it, it's cute, or some damn thing.

Glad I don't go to Daily Kos.

Ceara said...

Holy shit buckets!! That's unexcusable!!! I don't care who you are. That's like me drawing a picture of a Jewish person being put in an oven for a good cause. That would go over well.
I think it's desrespectful, no matter the intent of the picture.

Miss Vicki said...

lol ceara! but crackerlilo fighting racism w/racism i kinda think it went further than this not only in his image but inside of his mind. especially since his goal was to get a certain amt of hits then he took it down that fucker knew and now i want the right people to know dont read his work - ever.