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07 May 2008

Teacher Announces To Students, Guess What I'm Gay

What the heck was this teacher thinking? Maybe she wasn't thinking at all. And the school principal was not only experiencing a momentary lapse of judgment, but what is it called 'brain dead'?

I'm a supporter of living out loud and being True To Thy Own Self, but announcing to your middle class students that your gay/lesbian is taking it a bit too far, in my opinion. This educator operates from a premise of honesty with her pupils. While encouraging the exact behavior from them.

Stephanie Rowe felt sharing this information (just once) with her seventh graders would be as simple as that, afterwards they'd lay it to rest. Anyone dealing with young teens should have expected curiosity to come into play. Curiosity and questions for days on in.

My concern is the lack of disregard shown for the parents. I respect the fact many wouldn't choose for this as a topic of discussion with their children. And it's their right. Ms. Rowe 's sexual orientation should have remained her personal business. Not because it is something shameful but everyone has different values beliefs and truths about this issue. This wasn't generalized talk about gays and lesbians nor the dreaded word of disdain I feel when I hear the word homosexuality ( hate that word).

Ms. Rowe took it to another level making herself the focus and part of the equation. Teachers do not stand in the middle of the classroom to discuss their heterosexuality and if they're smart do not divulge things about their personal or intimate lives. It opens too many doors which may never get shut.

Apparently many where aware of the teacher's intentions, she emailed her colleagues an informed them of her plans. Read on cause the parents were not happy with this. Oops I made a boo boo should have kept my mouth shut!


Queers United said...

I don't see why she can't be open with them, she didn't expressly discuss what being lesbian means. I think its important for kids to be exposed to diversity and realize hey being gay is ok, our family, teachers, and friends are LGBT, hmm i guess they do deserve equal rights/treatment.


Miss Vicki said...

I agree children should be exposed to diversity. Yet, there are places and times to stand up and to make certain points. And often it's not in the setting of a classroom.

This was more about the teacher than her students - she felt the need to be more authentic with herself.

Whatever her intent it didn't go over well, becuz it wasn't carried out right. She felt the need to inform the principal 'her colleagues of her intent, (but not the parents) why do you think that was? She knew why there was probably going to be a fallout. It's a controversial topic, regardless if its justified or not.

Those children are minors and she's only an educator/instructor. The day I seen my 12 yr old niece nearing the point of asking me if I was gay. I told my sister when she questions me I will not lie. I will meet her where she's at.

All parents do not wish for their children to have discussions with or about our sexual orientation. And they have the right.

I wish LGBTQI folks didn't feel they had to stand up and announce. I personally find this ludicrous. When do heterosexual people stand up hold court to come out 'I'm Straight.'

Have a Flawless Day thanks for your thoughts.

Queers United said...

Well Vicki I agree parents should discuss sexuality when they feel they are ready to and on their own terms. That being said I think that saying you are gay doesn't necessarily mean you have to get into the nitty-gritty of what sexuality is. For example you can tell a kindergartner about gay families by explaining that two mommies or daddies can love each other just like a mommy and daddy. Kids are smart and they can grasp those concepts without explaining the sexual component of a same-sex relationship. Its a tough situation though, and I am glad you are respectful of others and think twice about how to explain it.

Miss Vicki said...

Exactly! My stair step grandchildren have learned about 2 mommies, 2 daddies, those who suffer from Aids, and people who suffer w/disabilities by watching cartoons -- and Kudos to Spongebob! They didn't learn Tolerance they learned Acceptance of all people.

Yet, my sons & daughter in laws have friends/family members that would shoot somebody for discussing same sex or LGBT to their children or their teens.

Why? Cause as you said, they can only See the sexual component of it (narrow minded), and it's their children who they are doing a grave injustice to.