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26 May 2008

There are Lesbians living here One is in the Air Force and I need to make a Report

Well what would we do without citizens such as this??

Major Margaret Witt, flight nurse serving her country for over 2 decades, received honors & medals who was featured in the service's promotional materials had a telephone call placed on her behalf which caused Major Witt's discharge from the military.

Why? Because she was one of those lesbians.

But, The federal appeals court in California on Wednesday reinstated a lawsuit challenging the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which allows gay men and lesbians to serve in the armed forces so long as their sexual orientation remains private. The case was brought by no other than our Major Margaret Witt.

On Wednesday, Judge Ronald M. Gould, joined by Judge Susan P. Graber, ruled that in cases like Major Witt’s, the government must go further than simply showing a rational basis for its action, instead proving in each case that an important government interest is at stake and that the intrusion into the plaintiff’s private life significantly advanced the interest.

(Geezle Pete - DADT! - the government - all branches of the military should jump up-n-down that anyone would want to volunteer or fight - that someone would be willing to possibly come home with missing limbs brain damage or worst in a body bag.)

They need to stop with all this madness.

Federal Court Reinstates Suit on Gays in Military - New York Times.


Cally said...

An example of stupidity and ignorance.

Miss Vicki said...

they've not only must get rid of DADT, must get rid of the mindset - homophobia