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17 June 2008

Anti Gay Protestors outside City Hall

Check out this video, seriously these antigay fuckers really need to go get a life yall!

Kenneth and Keith the first to be married in Alameda County - watch the video - it made me happy brought a big smile on my face!

It's such a feeling of satisfaction and pride, because it's the right thing to do - implementing civil rights and granting human rights...


Queers United said...

"homo sex is a threat to national security" hahahaha thats amazing. these people are so wacky.

Miss Vicki said...

aint they ignorant and stupid -- and they feel sorry for us -- whatever!

Anonymous said...

Vicki, I couldn't even finish that first video. *sigh* I have to laugh about the 'national security' thing, too, though. Imagine all the power we must have...wow.

Miss Vicki said...

power to the people!

Cally said...

They really do need to refocus an as you stated. "Go get a life or two."

Miss Vicki said...