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14 June 2008

Firefighter Harassment Nets Couple $2.84 Million

A New Jersey gay couple who claim a group of unruly volunteer firefighters threatened and harassed them have been awarded $2.84 million.

Peter de Vries and Timothy Carter said the town of Secaucus failed to protect the couple's civil rights or investigate the firefighters' alleged harassment of the couple after Carter complained about noise at a wild party taking place at 1 a.m. in the firehouse's parking lot on April 25, 2004. The couple, who lived next door to the firehouse, said they were continuously harassed and called homophobic slurs by the firefighters, prompting them to eventually move, according to Newsday. After that day, Carter and de Vries said in court papers, they lived in constant fear.

continue at The Advocate.


Queers United said...

that is so terrible, but the 2.84 million is great!

Miss Vicki said...

i hope it doesn't take them a lifetime to get it, also.