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03 June 2008

McCain supporters cheer anti-gay message and marriage

The cheers began when McCain stated, "I just frankly believe in the sanctity and unique status of marriage between man and woman." "That's what I believe, that's what I support and that what I will fight for."

I think that is so funny!

Heterosexuals want to preserve the sanctity of marriage, yet the divorce rate is at an all time high. And whose fault is that - gays and lesbians? McCain and his adamant preservation of marriage went straight out the door when he opted for divorce - allegedly due to cheating. Infidelity isn't that what it's called. I'm pretty sure the result of his divorce was just as Senator Obama has said, "No one's marriage has fallen apart from witnessing two men or two women holding hands or kissing."

Mainstream and their issues always have to find a scapegoat. Someone to place the blame on beside themselves. Unfortunately, gays and lesbians are the scapegoats for the ruins of their marriages. Seriously what kind of logic and sense does this make - none.

For the people who oppose same sex marriage, they best come up with something different than 'in the sanctity of - or - God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve'. This can be compared to the Clinton's old way of politics, which has clearly gotten them defeated.

Give me that old time religion is dead!

That old time religion coming from those Bible scriptures has been used to promote racism, oppression, genocide, slavery, hatred and wars in many a nation.

You can read the article in full at PageOneQ, and take a look at the video footage of McCain addressing his supporters of anti same sex marriage.

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