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23 June 2008

Review of Pebble Dash - Transexual Rock Throwing Game

This is an article that was submitted to Digg, now I previously heard that Digg was not big on accepting gay nor lesbian articles, so I wonder how this one made it through without any problems.

The name of this game is really Pebble Dash by Beefjack Games. I'm going to let you read what was written, as to how it came about being a fabulous Transsexual rock throwing game.

Here goes....

If you like your main characters strong like a bull and dainty as a fairy, try this...the Pebble Dash review. This is the caption on the article located at Digg.

Here's the description of the game, found at Beefjack Games...


We start off with our lady man ready to throw some rock. I only say lady boy because I can't tell whether this is a boy or a girl. He/she wears brown boots with a purple flower combo strap, football stripy top and brown shirt/shorts to match. Of course no fucked up outfit would be complete with a feather in your head to really finish the look. Anyway, one click of the mouse button sets your angle another click to set your power, here comes the tricky part of the game. Sitting and watching your rock travel.

Wicked. In fact this Lady boy is so strong he/she can pelt the pebble around the world which actually is the best (and only) part. The variation in scenery actually fools you into thinking the pebble is moving and worse yet you start to care. I actually found myself cheering the pebble on and smirking to myself for the two meaningless button clicks I made at the start. It was at this point I realized I was enjoying myself.

Watching a lady boy throw pebbles had totally engrossed me for half an hour, which sadly was all I could bear. Once I stopped kidding myself that there is any skill involved I began to lose interest. Good music very tropical, interesting sound effects, track 2 is a bit iffy, sounds as thought its ripped from a dodgy final fantasy scene.

If you've been itching to get your hands on a transsexual rock thrower, your wait is over. go to BeefJack Previews and Reviews.

What do you all think about this? Is it insulting, because I really don't know? I love when I find Dyke Super Sheroes. I like Dyke Comics, things of this nature don't offend me. It's no more offensive to me than my feeling the power in 'God is a Dyke and Jesus is Gay'. Although, I know I render some people speechless to say, the very least.

How do you feel about Beefjacks review and the Title that was given to it when reposted or submitted at Diggs?

Leave me your thoughts and comments.

I'm interested in your point of view & your take on this - insulting - powerful - complimentary -or merely degrading, which one is it?


Cally said...

I also enjoy Dyke Power but this seems it might be offensive in certain areas, at least in my taste.

When the Ladyboy was referenced about the fucking feather. Can I have the link to Diggs where you first saw this?

Miss Vicki said...

I'll get the link for you.

I had felt the same way when I read about the feather, but I wasn't sure....

A. Green said...

Beefjack Response.

I hope your not easily offended !


Miss Vicki said...

A. Green I could never be as easily as offended as you have proven yourself to be.

However if you keep writing the whole will soon discover the REAL you...it's slowly seeping through.

Have a good day!

A.Green said...

Miss Vicki,

I welcome all and any reviews, compliments and critique to my work. I am also pleased that both my articles invoked such a reaction from you, because that's what art is all about, emotion.

You seem to have misconstrued the meaning of my (sensitive Homo's and Trannies) article, its focus was to tackle the idea of homosexuality in games. However I can see you've reacted defensively to reading this. Perhaps you have too much testosterone? Or maybe you are someone of a proud demeanour? Which generally means, you are over compensating for something else. (Troubled youth? explains a lot. Bless.)

Your article was the precursor to my article, yes, you inspire me Vicki. Thanks. And thank you for continued efforts to do so.

The free traffic? No worries! Consider it a donation from your pals at beefjack. We like to have a close relationship with our subscribers here at beefjack. So close that on occasion we will go directly to there site and insult them for all there fans to see, simply as a gesture that we care. We are very customer driven, and we enjoy caring about you.

With that all said and done Vicki I hope you enjoyed reading this response as much as I enjoyed writing it. And although I cannot speak on behalf of beefjack on any of the aforementioned issues, I'd like to personally say 'don't get hit bus'.

All the best with the writing!

A. Green.