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22 June 2008

Transsexual Beaten by Memphis Police Officer Speaks Out

I could only watch this video once!

I know that Ms. Johnson will receive due justice there is no doubt. She has retained herself a lawyer, the entire Memphis County jail stands in dire need of diversity training, etc. The nurse as you will hear Duanna speak about should lose her certificate or license, because it's inexcusable.

Whoa...it is too early on a Sunday morning for me to be so outraged.

First, like an idiot I tried watching George Stephanopolous (spelling?) - for Pete sake. The panel of guest talked about race in politics, specifically Obama's. However IF Obama loses it won't be because of race -- was one of their quotes, (Stupid fuckers!)

Then a video from my girl Honjii - George asswipe Bush and now this hate.

Okay go head and watch it's just an outrage!

Duanna Johnson speaks out will she receive Justice, let's hope so!


Queers United said...

i clicked to watch but i already welled up with tears, i know it will piss me off. im not gonna watch it but i hope justice is served.

Miss Vicki said...

it truly makes you glad that you're not one of those - stupid ignorant full of hate lost in your soul kind of persons!

Cally said...

Can you hear Ka Ching Ka Ching a Ring a Ding Ding? She's going to get paid, but what a painful way to have gotten it.

I bet the officer who punched her with makeshift brass knuckles really wanted to have sex with her.

Anybody want to share a thought?

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