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15 March 2007

1 Cup of Ice ='s 2 Years In Prison

Mrs. Jessica Hall, a mother of 3 whose husband is serving his 3rd Tour of Duty in Iraq was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Her temper got the best of her as she drove down a North Carolina Highway.

A fellow motorist cut her off one too many times. When the driver of the vehicle pulled longside of Mrs. Hall she threw a cup of McDonald's ice into their opened window.

Shame on you Jessica Hall! I bet you never thought the prosecuting attorney would call this cup of ice a Missile, did ya? And, that's just what he done. His intent was to convict Mrs. Hall on the harshest of crimes. When the jury convicted her they had no idea this was a miniuim 2 year prison sentence.

The law had been enacted in the the mid 1800's and never been revised.

Thankfully, the Judge suspended the sentence and after 4 weeks of incarceration she was sent home.

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