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16 March 2007

Changing The Face of Dubai Women

The Dubai Women have been coined as the Mecca stars. I found this as I scanned the fashion layout in Marie Claire Magazine. Their beauty I must admit was absolutely breath taking. And, let's face it we all enjoy looking at beautiful things.

Yet, the face of Dubai Women is changing rapidly.The roles they're playing and the hats which they
are wearing in the workplace.

I really don't want to use the word modernization, even though it may seem befitting. The usage of this word suggests that something is or something was outdated, no longer usable. And, many societies of different cultures have made stupendous changes to become what they feel would be more modernized. More modernized to our American way of being. Because, I personally could be satisfied having a horse drawn buggy pull up in front of my door.

However, the women of Dubai have changed many traditions.

Fatma Mohamed Haj (seen in the top left photo) is a Radiologist. Years ago, this would have been impossible for this young woman age 21 to achieve. Merely because the Islamic tradition/law foreboded women to touch men in the realms such as this. Fatma, along with others could not put their hands on men they didn't know. Amazing isn't it? Seeing as they were wedded off to men they barely knew. And, of course on the matrimonial night of lovemaking I'm sure this tradition and law was not expected to be in effect.

Just as anything else, satellite television has aided in changing the shape and views of their culture and beliefs. Programs like Kalam Nawaem , which is on the format of Barbara Walters' The View, where a panel of four women sit on the sofa attacking a vast I want to know topical of discussion. They take on issues of concerns such as homosexuality & incest, to name only a few.

Middle Eastern Women, are using their college educations for the empowerment of self and to provide their families the 'all American dream.' And, I use those 3 words very lightly. Because, that is not just an all American dream. It's a dream to be able to provide for your children your family and to live abundantly, all over this world. Everyone of us desires the dream to reach our full potential.

Now even though by comparison to their male counterparts the percentages of women in the workplace is exceedingly low. But, they are breaking new ground in the type of employment and jobs which they're attaining. These young women are establishing professionals with upcoming and solid careers at best. The doors of opportunity have opened up.

Fatima Al-Attar (seen in right photo), age 26 is the CEO of her own company, Interior Dot Com.
If tradition/law was still set in place this wife, since age 20 not only couldn't be an entrepreneur but staying out as late as 3:00 am doing business would certainly have been forbidden.

Fatima designs commercial properties. She undertakes projects and designs for Dubai retail chains an outlets, office buildings, apartments and hotels. Fatima is fortunate enough to have a husband who is supportive.

Yes, these women can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. While they are embracing the telephone is ringing, the baby is crying, the dog is barking and somebody is at the door because they can hear the ring of their ching a ching ching. The feeling of knowing they can be empowered, too!

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Anonymous said...

They still have a very long road ahead of them, and they're indeed beautiful women.

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