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17 March 2007

The Amazon Women

There once was a population of females called,
The Amazon Women.

They were a tribal community of women which possessed strength independence wis-dom and had the ability to run their land free from male dominance power and control.

The Amazon Women were their own hunters and gatherers. They toiled their land while they governed and ruled. These phenomenal females’ tool of choice was called the battle axe. The battle axe denoted great strength, Womyn strength and in more ways than one.

This tool is very old. Some may know it as 'The Labrys.' The Labrys was used by ancient women and had a connection and symbolism to lesbianism, that dated back thousands of centuries. The Labrys is basically a doubled bladed axe or hatchet which was used for harvesting as well as for a defense weapon.

The first Labrys was created over 8,000 years, ago. The tribe of Amazon Women roamed Cazakstan in Central Asia, which is now known as Turkey. The town of Catalhuyuk is where they worshipped the Earth Goddess. They prospered lived without conflict and in peace for 1,500 years. Can you imagine this? I can imagine peace every minute of everyday in my life. Now do I actually think it will happen? Well that’s a horse of a different color.

When I was a much younger woman I'd relax my mind by reveling in my daydreams and fantasies. My vision was of being the first African American Woman President. I would envision a House of Representatives of diversity all creeds and many color. From the whitest of ivory to the darkest of ebony to the golden and the bronzed.

My Cabinet consisted of short tall big small voluptuousness and petiteness size 2's to size 22's. I could picture my Senate. It was comprised of women with the most rawest forms of creativity and talent. When it came to selecting my assembly based on the level of education please 'the non-degree, I employ you to apply!'

Let’s keep it real...

There is a multitude of prestigious education currently in the White House. They are widely known by their accolades and honored for academic achievements an awards. Harvard Yale MIT ranging from the very impressive ivy league institutions. Yet what has it proved? First that some have the ability to ace an exam better than others. Second if you breed from within the highest of socio economic income then you can only birth the highest of IQ’s, a wealth of intelligence.


What type of intelligence does one actually possess when they're incapable of knowing that you can not continue to bomb someone’s land without eventually causing a retaliation a series of repercussions? How intelligent would one be operating from a belief system that saids we can rob a peoples’ country of their gold diamonds oil and etc. The very products which are essential to their capital and growth. This is a raping of these countries homelands.

These so-called educated people purely believe it's been a fair exchange. But it’s been a death and destruction by far an equal or fair distribution. Too much of their blood left lying in the street.

Well maybe one day We Womyn will ban together and pick the battle axe up once again. Remember it doesn’t matter what stature you are. 'It’s not the size of the dog in the fire…it’s the size of the fire in the dog.'


dragonfly183 said...

I loved this post!!!! I would also like to mention there are a lot of fake degrees in the white house.

pharmacy said...

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