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19 March 2007

Women of Thailand Collect Dead Corpses For Good Luck

In Thailand there is a belief, 'if you collect the corpses of the dead it will bring you good luck'.

This is not about a superstition this is about their spiritually and faith.

And seeing as I believe with an unshakable and steadfast belief in faith that a man named Jesus who
I have never seen died on the cross for me then Who am I to argue or criticize? The word judgement shouldn't even come into play as you read this.

In the capital city of Bangkok over 400,000 people volunteer to pick up the bodies of their dead.

Thailand has 9 million people. Many of the volunteers are affiliated with Buddhists and their humanitarian causes. If you collect the bodies of the dead in return you'll have good karma. You will attract and bring happiness in your life. This karma grants them a protection over their lives.

And that's very ironic, because collecting the dead due to the 'merit points' that it brings them has nearly made them knife each other fighting over who gets the dead body. Sad isn't it? Yet, I can see this and I can understand it.

How? American, Christians burn down abortion clinics while human life is in it. Why? All in the Name of God. Both are professing the strongest of faith. Yet they're willing to fight to the point of nearly/or taking another human life.

'Body Snatching' is believed to bring such a reaping in life rewards that everyone who is physically able participates. From professionals, their movie stars and even the women who are pregnant with child come out. They especially feel compelled to take part in this. Wanting the blessings for their unborn baby.

As strange as this story was when I first caught wind of it I completely understood. If a person is truly operating on faith doing a good deed where no one is getting hurt then how good you not be blessed. And like anything born from faith there will be some who operate solely from a pure heart. While others will come from destruction.

(photographed by Ameenullah, Thailand Bangkok National Museum)

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