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20 March 2007

Seen on Oprah 'The Secret'

Rhonda Byrne's has The Secret the world has wanted to know. And if you follow her philosophy then you can create the life that you've always wanted. The philosophy is patterned on a spiritual awakening a journey with an all knowing faith. To me it's like a nirvana.

Many are led down a path or discovery to The Secret when everything around them is falling apart. And that's putting it lightly. How about when you've nearly lost your mind and your life. And IF you can just reach out for the secret, for the journey, for this philosophy, for the faith, however you want to call it or label it, there is no where too go but up.

Unfortunately everyone can't see it like this and Rhonda Byrne's was in financial ruins poor mental and physical health her father had just died and her mother was dying. She was in 'total despair.'

Then she found The Secret , which Rhonda state's is the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. We attract in our lives everything that we want. Now she dated her search and findings back to '3500 BC.' This Secret has been around since the beginning of time. She speaks only of it in different words. And, this is not said to take away from the good work which she is doing. It's merely a true and valid point that I want to be made.

Rhonda captivated my attention. Especially when she spoke of author Neale Donald Walsh and his series of books 'Conversations with God.' I have been a fan of his for years. Talking about being set free. Set free from chains and bondage's. The day I discovered She the Universe and God rather She be a man or a wo-man...

On the Oprah Show, was a wonderful panel and each knew of studied taught and teach ed The Secret. Everyone came from all walks of life. From the darkest clouds to the brightest of sun shines. Moments away from prison to PhD and tenures, etc.

As soon as I seen the program I began implementing those very principles an applications into my life. Have they been working? You're darn tooting abundance an overflow, the Law of Attraction.

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