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21 April 2007

Going Through Menopause Without Symptoms

You can always find and never run out of articles on the torments and symptoms of menopause. Some will approach it just as it is, a normal everyday stage of a woman's next level in life. While other's will, "Oh look out for those hot flashes. You're gettin' ready to sweat like a pig, moo like a cow and if you wear a wig, you're in big trouble now. Yep, they'll make you believe life as you had once known it will never be the same again.

"Excuse me Sir, excuse me Ma'am, What's my name? What street corner am I standing on? You see, I'm in the throes of menopause and I can't remember a thang!"

To me those are some of the more kinder and more gentler, user friendlier of symptoms. They talk about vaginal dryness to the point of needing a lube job, like a well oiled machine. And, let's not forget the loss of a sex-drive. Say what?? After the children are not only out of the house, but for good this time, graduated from college, getting established into their careers, possibly married and even may have their own young children.

Medical Science wants to try and convince moi, that I'm not going to have a sex drive. By never having to purchase a box of tampons, pads or panty liners. Never-ever having to open up my bathroom closet and see them lying there again. Don't even get me to speaking on that unwelcome visitor who came to hang out with me every friggin' 28 days, since I was 12 years old and I'm nearly 49 years young now.

Oh, believe me the sex drive has kicked in. As a matter of fact, it's in 1st gear. How could it not? I've waited a longtime to celebrate this stage of my life.

Even though, month after month my little annoying friend never showed up I kept questioning could this really be? So, I done what any reasonable person would do. I went to the Internet and researched menopause. Then began scouring the Menopausal Checklist. And I was failing.

Let's see, no depression. I'm whistling Dixie, Mary had a little Lamb & thank you Little Boy Blue. Under no uncertain terms am I experiencing any anxiety. I might become a wee bit anxious on Friday's when my cellphone rings and Spongebob begins to sings 'I'm a Goofy Goober.' My anxious thoughts, please don't let my grandson want to spend this weekend with me. And, I fell out laughing when I read insomnia. I'm fast asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. The only time I wake up is when I disturb my own self from my snores.

Speaking with Women's Health care Specialist Jesse Hanley MD.

"What's interesting is that a HUGE percentage of women don't experience any menopausal symptoms. I've had women call me to say their period stopped two years ago and they feel just fine."

"Other symptoms are largely emotional: Depression, anxiety, and often emotional scars that come up from the past. What women don't realize is that during this time, we need to take time to honor and process these issues so we can truly become a wise woman. During menopause, the closet of our life begins to open. Our history comes up for re-evaluation, things that we spent years trying to forget. When FSH rises, we gain access to our inner history. Unfortunately, our culture tells us something is wrong because we aren't the same as we used to be, when in fact we are gaining initiation into wise womanhood."

Unfortunately, our culture says it's something wrong anytime a woman doesn't want to carry the burden of every one's problems on her shoulders. When a man or a father isn't in the mood for the antics it will be stated like this "He's not having it today." Yet, how many times has been said, "What's wrong with her? It must be that time of the month. She must be PMS-ing."

Well, my life is really good right now. It's better than it's ever been before. And, menopause is a major player in it. Wow, what a wonderful freedom!

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