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20 April 2007

The Hard Core Reality of Verbal Abuse on Children

"I'm going to straighten you're out ass when I see you. You're a rude thoughtless little pig you really are. I don't give a damn you're 12 or 11 years old. You're a rotten little pig... you're mother is a pain in the ass..."

Unfortunately, Alec Baldwin wasn't rehearsing words from a script for an upcoming role in a movie, which he would soon be staring in. Nope, he was leaving a message on his eleven year old daughter's cell phone. Wow, isn't he a wonderful father? And, he's trying to figure out why Kim divorced him.

I'm pretty sure Alec doesn't consider himself abusive most abusers never do. His tongue should be registered as a weapon, because he has just proven to the world that it's lethal. He is a very dangerous man to his own daughter and there is absolutely no excuse for what he has done. If this story would have never been leaked I wonder how much longer it would have went on?

Thousands of children wake up every morning to verbal abuse by a parent or by their caregivers. Many seem to believe the effects is not as devastating to a child in comparison to physical abuse. Sticks and Stones may Break My Bones but Words... they will destroy me.

That's how this cliche should really be stated. When a young girl grows up verbally abused by a parent, someone who is supposed to be her number one fan this opens the door for years of abuse to enter into her adult life. Basically, this is what she will attract. It plays itself out, over an over, again.

What Is Verbal Abuse?

Here's what A Healthy Me, Yelling At Children had to say,

You may be verbally abusing your child if you are doing any of the following:

"Name-calling, belittling, swearing, insulting. ("You are stupid." "You're a rotten kid.") Indirect criticism, such as disparaging your child to your spouse, also hurts. Just because you're not berating your child directly doesn't mean he doesn't hear it and feel the sting."

This was such a nice and polite description. In no way does it deliver the impact as to the hurt and harm the child is feeling & experiencing. It rips and tears open a pain, which turns into a scar that may never heal.

Verbal abuse by a parent plants the seeds of self doubt and worth. And, with every verbally abusive word you are violently attacked with it grows and grows. The sad part is the verbally abusive parent will not stop until your self esteem dwindles down to near nothing.

One word included in the description of What Is Verbal Abuse, was the term 'swearing'. We've surpassed the stages of swearing when children are being addressed or rather yelled & screamed at by the filthy verbalizing of phrases like 'whores sluts and tramps'.

Now this may seem odd for the loving parents who just couldn't fathom in this lifetime nor the next speaking to their children like this, but there are thousands of children everyday and all over this world, who hear these kind of words on a daily basis. And, you know what this is sadder than sad. There are 50 and 60 year old women, that have never been called such names. Yet, we have young girls that have heard this by the they've reached puberty. If you use words such as 'I Love You' to them, they may just think you're lying.

How Common Is It?

More common than anyone seems to want to admit. "I call him stupid to put a fire under his behind. Make him study harder. That boy is just lazy." "Ahh, I only call her a fat lazy pig when I'm mad at her, she knows I really don't mean it." "If I call her a fat pig it will make her lose that baby fat." I wish someone could please share with me the reason for calling a child a whore? The reason you would tell your child that you hate them and that they were never born?

Everyday, adults turn a blind eye to the verbal tongue lashings and cruelties which children suffer. We hear it as we walk up and down the streets, while driving in our cars, at the grocery stores, just every where there are children an adults. Teachers and the Administration turn the other way hoping and praying, that it will just go away.

Well, I am not one of those people, because I was once one of those verbally abused children, I just spoke about. "Drop a Dime Spend a Quarter, put your cellphone to good use and report it.

I wish it was a law, there should be a law. Get caught verbally abusing your children, it's an automatic night in jail. And, it's not on the table for discussion.

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lyndonmaxewell said...

It's stupid.. Children shouldn't be exposed to rubbishness of this sort. It's a pity that there are many such people around.