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18 April 2007

Aisha Tyler Poses Nude for Glamour Magazine

Aisha was the guest host on The View, today. She made two announcements. One was that she recently posed nude for Glamour Magazine. Now slow your roll it's not what you're thinking. The photos are part of a campaign for positive body image. The object of this photo layout is for women not to focus on their body images. This was about embracing your body no matter what the shape or size.

In other words, let's celebrate the dents, the dimples, the rolls and the cellulite. It's time for us women to focus on more important issues. Volunteering, mentoring, achieving our goals, living our dreams and simply being at peace while we live our lives. Isn't this a novel idea?! We as women need to stop letting the media, men an anyone else dictate how we should look and how we feel about ourselves. And, it's certainly way past time.

We, the viewers were allowed to see a few of the photos which will soon be featured in the magazine.

Joy Behar's response was, "When did Glamour start doing porn?" And, this is all I'm going to say about that remark. I refuse to allow Ms. Behar to bait me. I will not go off on a tangent, a rant or a rave. I will not give her that satisfaction. I understand the true essence of the meaning behind Aisha's nude photo layout and I applaud her. However, Aisha confided through out the shoot she was sweating bullets. Sponges had to be placed under her arm pits. I had to giggle.

You know, posted on my bulletin board above my computer is a picture of a faceless woman, that is nude. Everyone who enters my office immediately sees her naked body. It comes into their full view. The majority of the comments I hear, "What a nice piece of art." Even males compliment this still portrait. The faceless body has a few rolls or rather ripples, what some would call fat surrounding her waist. Yet, it looks so natural and oh so beautiful. The real image of a real woman. There is absolutely nothing pornographic about it.

I also personally find women who have beautiful tresses and locks of white & silver hair amazing in how strikingly beautiful in which they are. These women exude such confidence, as if they have reached a peace the world just can't take away. They've earned their stripes & they have paid their dues. What someone thinks no longer matters to them. Too bad every woman can't arrive at this place by the time we reach the age of twenty years old.

The 2nd and last announcement Aisha Tyler had to make was that she would be ringing the closing bell later in the day at the NASDAQ. I wish I could have been there to hear the music play.


Anonymous said...

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Alisha mmmm , luv her!!

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