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17 April 2007

Jenny Craig Telephoned Star To Say You're Fat

Jenny Craig is on the job. And, they are better than doctors now except she doesn't make house calls she makes telephone calls....

I was killing some time this morning and found myself watching the Rachel Ray show for the very first time. What a day I chose for it to be the first. Valerie Bertinelli was appearing and what a story she had to tell.

We all should remember Bertinelli from the 70's sitcom One Day At A Time, I truly enjoyed this program. She played a young teenager by the name of Barbara Cooper, the youngest daughter of a recently divorced single parent mother. Valerie literally grew up in front of our very eyes. The actress was also married to guitarist Eddie Van Halen for nearly 25 years.

Anyways, when she first came out on stage her pedometer was jolted from her hip. A pedometer clocks how many steps you have taken in a day. I myself have worn one on occasions. This opened the door for this conversation.

Valerie began to explain how she lives down the street from Jenny Craig. She goes on to tell how many promises that she had made in the past about telephoning them, because she felt the need to lose some weight.

Well Jenny Craig took the matters into their own hands and placed the telephone call.

"They never quite said I was fat, but I assume if a diet company is calling me, I'm fat!"

Where does Jenny Craig get off at? I mean the nerve! Of course they were calling her fat. Jenny didn't telephone Paris Hilton did she and say, "Oh by the way, what are you doing next week?"

Women in the entertainment world are constantly attacked and held to a higher standard. They have enough problems from the big wigs, which they face everyday. Surely they don't need any more flack from the likings of diet companies, such as Jenny Craig.

As I listened to Bertinelli share this story, my heart went out to her.

She was a woman just as I. I could see the pain in her eyes. I could see the guilt that she felt. I could sense it by each word that was spoken as the story was unfolding. It was as if she had something to be profoundly ashamed of, because Jenny Craig, had to telephone her. Man what a crock of bull...

Valerie has lost a total of 13 pounds and when another 12 pounds has been dropped she will treat herself to a martini. What is most missed while being on this Jenny Craig diet is cooking, because she really enjoys cooking. Too bad, she's not a member of my household because tonight we would have a International No Diet Day and we would cook a small not excessively off the chart diet dinner and we would also enjoy an apple martini. 'Cause if it's the last day on Earth let's not go out eating carrots and cottage cheese.

So now we can look forward to Valerie joining Kirstie Alley in a commercial. Kirstie is dolled up in a black tight fitting dress looking luscious and curvaceous and Valerie is looking rather matronly an overweight. It ran on the Rachel Ray show. I personally wanted to throw my breakfast up.

Ray extended the offer to Bertinelli that when she is able to cook her first meal to come back and do it "Here In The Kitchen" right there on air on her show.

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