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16 April 2007

Women Can Produce Their Own Sperm

This was the greatest story I have read in a long time and I found it by way of Feministing the title No dick necessary.

In the near future, women may be able to start producing their own sperm, but let's not start jumping all the way up and down. If this does happen we will only be able to have girls. Wow... a Feministing Nation!

This may seem that it goes absolutely against nature, but remember when the idea of test tube babies was introduced? I think this is wonderful. Especially for lesbian couples who want children. And, for the single woman that so badly wants children.

Food for thought, I wonder if this would cut down on the mothers standing in the welfare lines. Why? Because fathers and daddy's have ran out. Mama's Baby and Daddy's Maybe.

Here's where it stands right now,

Scientists are seeking ethical permission to produce synthetic sperm cells from a woman's bone marrow tissue after showing that it's possible to produce rudimentary sperm cells...

read more Women Can Produce Their Own Sperm and Might Not Need A Man, Uh Oh No Sex Tonight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A woman giving birth to her own sperm would fall under the category of human cloning, and is illegal.