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10 April 2007

Is Procter & Gamble Targeting Women With Eating Disorders

P&G has launched a new campaign but the question is are they targeting women who suffer from eating disorders by the method which they're promoting Metamucil. Their slogan for this ad campaign, "Beautify Your Inside".

By all accounts Metamucil is a form of laxative. I can't imagine excessive diarrhea being beautiful nor attractive. Though I guess their belief is, display it on a young lovely sexy model and you to who already suffer from anorexia and bulimia, can now have "Drop-dead gorgeous guts".

Metamucil is a natural fiber substance, which majority wise has been used by older aged people. It enables one to keep their bowels regulated. Many take this for occasional constipation. This is not meant to be used on a continuum basis. As reported by WIMN's Voices Guest blogger Carrie McLaren, editor of Stay Free!, a magazine focused on American media and consumer culture states 'Pro Anna Nation' warns against taking this, but not for all the reasons we would think why.

Don’t take laxatives. Laxatives can cause serious medical complications, and you actually gain weight by taking them. There are natural laxatives though, found in foods like prunes and grapes. Also, there are certain sugar-free cough drops and candies that produce a laxative effect because of the sugar substitute used in them.

How sad to hear "and you actually gain weight by taking them" being included as a reason to Be Ware. When Carrie McLaren, first caught wind of this campaign her comment made was that she nearly lost her lunch.

Even though her very words made me scream with a burst of laughter. I also found this hard to swallow and nasty in taste.

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