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15 April 2007

Mother Fights To Keep Baby On Life Support

Texas: This was the most maddening story I could have first read on a beautiful Sunday morning, but I'm very glad that I found it and thanks Essential Estrogen for bringing this to my attention. You know I really do like her blog.

Catarina Gonzales is a 23 year old mother who by all appearances sake has a fatally ill 17 month old son. Young Emilio Gonzales is suffering with a terminal neurological disease and cannot breathe on his own.

As a mother, Catarina is not willing to accept the fate that her child will soon die. The hospital gave her 10 days to find another facility to have Emilio transported too. Get out! No other hospitals are willing to take the boy. How disgusting can doctors get who have taken oaths to save lives? The doctors reasoning the treatment is senseless and pointless, while stating it's also causing Emilio pain. Poppycock! Catarina's & Emilio's medical bills must be immensely sky rocket high.

Mrs. Gonzales also relates that her son smiles and responds. She does not agree that Emilio is a hopeless and lost cause.

What really amazes me in this situation is that if Catarina would have found out that her baby while in the womb was anything but perfect and would have chosen to abort, well pro life and many others would have condemned her. No you don't have the right to take life!

Yet, the Doctors who are saying by their medically scientific most infamous wisdom and knowledge "lets unplug there's no hope" but all the while mom states something contrary to what they are saying. It's okay for them to take life. And Jack Kevorkian went to prison for assisting the terminally ill who made a conscious choice, their decision of ending painful lives.

Okay, so which is it? Let me make sure I get this straight. I can't help anyone suffering from a terminal disease, in the most unbearable, unspeakable, can't define it in words pain, to end their life, but if the doctor decides it alright.....? Okay I got it now.

The boy is at the centre of a dispute brought about by a law signed by George W Bush when he was governor of the state of Texas. The legislation allows a hospital, rather than families, to make decisions in "medically futile" cases.

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