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14 April 2007

Myia McCurdy is our Homegirl and not a Nappy Headed Ho

What a shame! Myia McCurdy is a native from Cincinnati, Ohio. Right here where I was born and raised. Where I'm living.

And, the story about Imus has been on the airwaves like forty going north, but there has been no mention of this wonderful young woman being from Cincinnati, Ohio.

No mention by our local news or anything. Only this morning I heard it in passing. At the close of the news cast. "And one of the women was from Cincinnati." Say what??

Man look....if this was a white girl or boy who was a native from this here land it would have been breaking news, a parade, a band, an orchestra, you name it. Interviews with the parents, the nieces, the uncles, the dogs and the cats.

There would have been articles upon articles, but yet this was the only one I could find. And, I'm not the least bit surprised by it because Cincinnati is by far one of the most racist cities anyone could not want to live in. It's sad and it's pathetic. And they are wondering why not only African Americans are packing up leaving but even Whites are bidding this town farewell.

However, on a much brighter note. A tribute to Myia McCurdy our superstar of Cincinnati, Ohio. You Go Grrrl!!!!

Myia McCurdy Shootin'and Hoopin' by Ryan Ernst, Cincinnati Enquirer.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Henry. I love Myia, she is so beautiful