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07 April 2007

MSNBC's Imus calls them Nappy Head Hos

Well, we all should know by now that Imus and his executive producer Bernard McGuirk are basically some idiots to put it nicely.

Normally, you can tune in and watch & listen as Bernard makes the foulest jokes and remarks about gay lesbian bisexual and transgender people. Ooh, it just cracks him up. He really is alittle sad man.

But on April 4th their focus was on Rutgers young African American female basketball players. No big deal as far as he was concerned to call them some nappy head hos.

Bernard chimes in and calls them some hard core hos. All the while, they just giggled and laugh. Near the end of their insults they were some jigaboos. I don't know how anybody truly watches him. And, Bernard he really can't bait me nor make me mad. However, it would give me great pleasure, you know fun to bend him over and put a hot poker up his Happy 4th of July.

Hey, I'm just having fun like they always are. These characters have some deeply rooted issues which extend further than racism, gaycism or sexism.

Once again, thanks Feministing for the heads up.


Becky C. said...

As one of God's ugliest creatures he really needs some humility:)


Miss Vicki said...

Happy Easter, Becky C!

you've got that rt. he's butt ugly--him and that dogcat named Bernard.

kenny said...

If Dave Chapelle would have said that, it would have been considered funny. But since a white man said it, he should be fired and crucified.

Miss Vicki said...

Just for the record Kenny I never watched Dave Chappelle WHY becuz I don't get into off color jokes. WHY? My mother is african american My father was a cherokee. Why else my granddaughters are biracial one half white one half black Why else because my grandson is biracial one half hispanic one half black, so do I need to go on. Your post has been all over the blogsphere. Come up with something different and know who your talking about before you comment.