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22 May 2007

Lisa Bufano Makes Me Feel Like Dancing

Stilts On a Spanish Web

(absolutely mesmerizing and breathtaking, sensuous and seductive...lisa had me spellbound)

[Leila from Apples and Oranges was kind enough to bring to my attention, that the Stilts On a Spanish Web is not Lisa Bufano. Well, that's what I get for researching late night without wearing my extra set of eyes--Ugh!

I must give credit where credit is due, Aircat Aerial Arts act, "Nuova Gravitee" Aerial Stilts on Spanish Web, Aerial Dance Festival, 2006, Boulder, Colorado Cathy Gauch and J. Darden Longenecker, which is performed in the the Club Med Circus Show.

oops & sorry, yet it's too beautiful not to be shown here, I'll let them remain in the company of greatnest of Lisa Bufano.]

Lisa Bufano Stilt Dance

(you go grrl! as Randy Jackson on the American Idol would say, "she worked it out." she made me want to truly be there, vibing & groovin' groovin n vibing)

Lisa Bufano

she made me say to myself, "get your lazy behind up!", she's moving like a gazelle.

Four Good Legs -- Lisa Bufano

a ballerina of modern dance, is all I could vision

Lisa Bufano, a double amputee, uses mechanical sculpture, props and prosthetics to transform her body to discover its 'natural' movement.


Leila said...

you know what, i don't think the spanish web one is lisa. first of all, the stilts dancer has fingers. second of all, it's not mentioned in any of her repertoires. but thanks for turning me on to her!!!

Miss Vicki said...

Hey Leila,
You're absolutely correct, I went back and checked in youtube. I presumed it was lisa from the stilts that the dancer was performing with, hidden under the satin dressing.

That's what I get for not putting on my extra set of eyes, while searching this.

Thanks & Have A Great Day!