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22 May 2007

China's College Girls Forced To Take Pregnancy Tests

Having children out of wedlock and babies before marriage is very immoral in China, it's taboo. Young women are forced to take pregnancy tests upon entering a Chinese technical college in Urumqi. Wow! What a way to begin your college career.

Mere young girls the ages of 17 to 18 are brought out into the hallway and given a cup to urinate in--to provide a urine sample. As if it's some kind of cattle call. If the test comes back positive, the doctor will and must report their results to school's student board.

The consequences for this inappropriate behavior is being put out of school or they can opt to be transferred. Many who already know what the test will show simply withdraw from college. Some of these young ladies go to the extremes of borrowing a classmates urine.

"We are a closed boarding school. Every year we ask new students to take routine health checks. The pregnancy tests are just a part of that. This is a duty toward the students and families."
For once, I'd like to hear about males being forced to ejaculate in a cup on the grounds, that it purely has to do with a routine health check verses their promiscuity or sexual escapades.
"The idea of being tested as soon as entering the school makes me feel very uncomfortable," reported Xiao Tang, a new student.
Duh, ya think? What in the world is wrong with China? Remember now, China has a one-child policy, including forced abortions, which is common in poor rural areas, as reported by rights groups.

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