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22 May 2007

Ten Reasons Why I Love Angelina Jolie

  • Let me count the ways....

1. She beats to the sound of her own drum.

2. She's adopted more children than I can afford, or honestly would want too.

3. She even brought home a brown beautiful baby girl from Africa.

(hold on i'm still counting the ways)

4. As a personal choice she chose to give birth to her own child in Africa causing a complete and utter uproar here in the United States--luv her!

5. Fresh from giving birth in Africa she continued touring the continent and speaking about the horrors she witnessed, such as the amputee refugee camp in Sierra Leone.

6. She's truly a humanitarian to me.

Now, What doesn't hurt....

7. Those beautiful kissable lips--oh stop it!

8. She's a lover of women.

9. And, you can't hate on a grrrl who gets to make love with Brad Pitt--handsome!

10. Last but not least every time I visit Courtv Messages Boards the females are posting with such anger and hatred, she really gets them going (it's called asshole jealousy).

~so go on with ya' bad selves, walking the red carpet in Cannes France~

1 comment:

CarolinaGirl said...

I love her for the tattoos, also!