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14 May 2007

Lisa Bufano Stands In Need of Our Help

I receive updates regarding Lisa Bufano because I'm on her mailing list.

Lisa is standing in need of housing for the perferred areas of Berkeley, Oakland-Lake Merritt or Alameda (nr. the Oakland border).

If I lived in anyone of these areas, I would most certainly without any second thought open up my home to her. Lisa is anointed by God, She The Universe and Jesus.

Someone out there has the means to assist our Sister for the calling and mission, that she is on. Please search your heart--and pass this on.

Here is the email which I received:

2 bits of news

1. I have a postage stamp size picture in the June issue of Glamour Magazine in a column unfortunately named "At-A-Girl".

2. I've moved to Oakland and need a place to live. I had been looking for a room to share in a house or an apartment, then I was looking for a 2-bedroom for me and one other. Well, I'm back to looking for a room for myself. Preferred areas are Berkeley, Oakland-Lake Merritt, or Alameda (near the Oakland border). I'm very anxious to find a good home. Please pass this on to anyone who might know of something:

For June 1 or sooner: Disabled professional dancer/artist needs to rent a room in an apartment or house within commuting distance to (AXIS Dance Company,1428 Alice Street Oakland, CA 94612) or near to a BART station. Prefered areas are Berkeley, Oakland (Lake Merritt), or Alameda.

The ideal place is within $500-750 range, has minimal stairs, has a bathtub, washer/dryer on premises, storage for a bike, walk to public transit and grocery store. Having other creative roomates would be wonderful.

About Lisa: I’m an artist, performer and computer grunt when necessary. I’ve left a really wonderful life, with my long-term partner in Boston and a lovely artist community of dear friends that fostered a lot of success and productivity. I've flung myself into a new creative adventure with Axis Dance Company, pioneers of physically integrated dance. Its really good here- the right home will make it great.

more on my work can be found on my website: Lisa Bufano. I can provide good personal and financial references on request.

For anyone who isn't aware of Lisa Bufano, she is an amputee without legs and she also has lost her fingers. Yet, this has not stopped Lisa from achieving greatness and she's in pursuit of achieving her dreams.

She's an Award Winning animator & doll maker. Not only this but Bufano recently performed a solo modern dance of the Five Open Mouths in Boston, MA., at Boston University. Lisa Bufano just received a grant to put on a major dance works in New York City.

Five Open Mouths, is a dance piece which "explore themes such as the conspicuous nature of possessing a deformed body in public, achieving acceptance through merit, the universal human desire for comfort, lifestyle modifications inherent in living with prosthetics and the quest to evolve para-human abilities through technology."
Click on more about Lisa at watch Lisa on video podcasts.

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