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15 May 2007

Illegal Immigrants Won't Find Housing in Browns Branch Texas

It's a double edged sword a flip and a flop, a complete up-n-down on the seesaw when it comes to my feelings on the rights for what is termed, 'illegal alien'.

The words in an of itself at one time left a bitter taste in my mouth. But, sadly and surprisingly over the past two years the flavor has been more easy to swallow.

In all honesty, it's coming from a place that was once compassionate and caring. I'm a humanitarian, but now I have this silent rage that is beginning to speak out.

When I was watching the Saturday Today's Show last week and I heard about Browns Branch Texas taking a vote to make it unlawful for apartment managers to continue renting to its illegal aliens, I began to jump up and down. I was happy. I was more like elated from this news.

Illegal, means from the world in which I live 'not lawful & prohibited by law'. If I do something illegal & unlawful I stand the chance of being sentenced to jail or prison, court fines, restitution to be paid and if I'm convicted of a felony then a loss of my voting rights.

A citizen of this United States, who has committed an illegal act or who is being sought by law enforcement for such, can't sit before a prospective employer seeking a job. Most companies have you sign a document for a criminal background check. And, it best come back clean and/or no opened warrants. Why? Illegal is the key word. Here in the City of Cincinnati a misdemeanor can keep you from employment. It's compared to a felony now days. You've forfeited your civil and human rights.

Yet, illegal aliens can protest in the streets of Los Angeles (to name only one) demanding health care benefits, equal wages, housing, a better education and by the way a change in the pledge of allegiance to the red white and blue. If an American can speak bi lingual, then you can even earn a higher rate of income. Want Ads read, 'seeking Spanish speaking'.

Yep, I guess you can say, that I'm a little angry right now. I can't even begin to imagine my Haitians taking to the streets demanding and declaring the rights in which they pursue. First of all, it would have never gotten this far. They'd find a way to keep them out, just as they do. It's a big difference in the skin color and the hair texture.

I tried to watch George Lopez's HBO Special. In awe is how I found myself as I listened to his words. He informed me, that Mexicans were the hardest working group of people in the United States. They're the hardest working people for themselves. They come here to make a better life for them and no one else.

So yes I'm exuberant that landlords not only across Farmers Branch Texas but around our globe have been put on notice not to rent to any more illegal aliens. I'm sadden for the children who will be denied housing. Just as I'm sorry for America's children of LGBT parents who can be denied housing or evicted from their homes, solely based on their sexual orientation. As I'm sorry for the children here in the United States, who have hardworking parents trying to escape low income housing often termed the slums and ghettos. Those parents who are quite often turned down for better housing, because of the poor areas in which they're trying to relocate from.

Well, extra extra read all about it:

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas - Cities nationwide are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending themselves against lawsuits and other challenges to ordinances enacted to keep out illegal immigrants. Some are warning that these communities are risking financial disaster in their effort to curb illegal immigration. Farmers Branch Texas Immigration Vote.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying, what I do not have the guts to say outloud.

Tish said...

Ms Vicki, HI! I love your blog, and thanks for leaving me a message!

But boy do I disagree!

I just think that this hatred over Mexicans is something we have internalized from white folks. When have we as a people hated other folks just because? Never! But we've been in the West (US) so long that now we want to exclude folks too.

This is NOT our country. If we don't want to give GOD his props and say it's His, for EVERYONE to use, then it really belongs to Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples. How you gonna rape rob and pillage, say, "THis is MINE!" and tell everyone else they cant come in???? THIS USED TO BE THEIR COUNTRY! Well, the south and Cali. They have historical ties to it...now they are forced to work for almost nothing in a place where their ancestors prospered.

Second, to me? A Black Women...I do not see at all how witholding or supporting the withholding of rights to another group of people is right. WE CANNOT GET WHAT WE DESERVE BY STEPPING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BACK! It's not right and not fair. If Black people feel Mexicans are taking all the jobs, then stop hating on the Mexicans, and BETTER YOURSELF! And really, what jobs are they taking????? Do YOU know any young Black folks out there trying to pick crops for pennies on the dollar???? I don't. How about those fast food jobs that Mexicans are supposed to be monopolizing? If there are Black kids trying to get those jobs, but feel they are being pushed out (did they even try?) get a lawsuit. The ACLU takes on pro bono cases all the time.

I'm just saying...as Black folks, we should feel their pain as much as anyone! And not want to add to it.

I am incensed over how they do our Black immigrants. Yeah, they get put back in the water asap while the cubans get to stay. But are we surprised? The US don't want more Negroes! And, that is not the fault of any Mexican. That's the governments fault. and they are using that to get Black folks to help them hate on more innocent people. It's not right ya'll. It's not.

And what's even worse, is whatever guest worker/immigration plan they come up with will be slavery. They will make those people work for no money or citizenship (so they will still have no rights) for YEARS! Right now, it's 8 years I think...So, we will be allowing slavery (indentured slavery?) back in the US. IS IT OKAY, SINCE THE SLAVES ARE BROWN NOT BLACK?????

I know you speak from love--and anger at how they still do us! But lets focus that on those whose fault this is..the gov. The corporations. The employers that ACTIVELY search for immigrant labor for their fields and construction businesses and landscaping companies.

Hey, remember I still love your blog! Don't blast me too bad! lol

Miss Vicki said...

Hey Tish!
Glad you stopped by & posted your heartfelt thoughts and comments.

First, let me start by saying, "I never used the word HATE."

Yet, it's amazing to me, that anytime an African American expresses their opinion rather how great or minute, right out the gate it's strewed as Hate...you are internalizing the white man's thoughts, conceptions and beliefs.

I am so sorry that YOU do not feel this is your Country, because it certainly is mine. I was born in America. I wasn't born in Africa, Ireland etc. I was born here in the United States. I've diligently worked and toiled for my country. Taking advantage of every opportunity, that was afforded me and then if none was offered I created my own opportunities.

Your comment, "How you gonna rob rape and pillage then say 'This is Mine' you can't come in?" I've never robbed raped nor pillaged anything til it bled.

"Hatin' on Mexicans, Stepping On Peoples Backs?" You sure looked over a lot of my words, especially the key one "Illegal."

Slavery Slavery Slavery, vile inhumane full of violence an orchestrated from hate. And, you will not get me to compare the personal choice, which is made by illegal immigrants to come into America for a better life for themselves. That's apples & oranges, my friend. They're not held here enslaved, held captive, chained, bound, whipped, beaten--they are free to leave. And, many would be happy to show them the

And, I couldn't agree with you more about the Native Americans. My father was a Cherokee Indian the color of a red hot sun. My mother is an African American the color of ebony. Thus producing a child who was a TINGE too dark for the acceptance of the white race. And, many shades too light for the black race. Making me compassionate to all people.

STEPPING ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BACK--please! And, Boot Straps Boot Straps...the famous key words of reference towards Black Folks when they voice the same opinions as whites etc.

Your, "BETTER YOURSELF" in all capital letters. Here we go again, if an African American speaks their heartfelt beliefs, then we aren't trying to better ourselves. Wow! Once again, the White Man's internalization of Black Folks are lazy, don't take advantage of becuz we're probably waiting on those 40 acres & a mule.

Now "Do I know" any African Americans period, who are losing jobs to illegal immigrants, specifically speaking on Mexicans who are here illegally in this country. Sure do lots of them, as well as I know others who are here legally in this country, but employment is only 1 part of my belief & MY argument, as to why I feel this new disdain & taste.

And, it's my crossroad an argument which I will not apologize for. Especially, as I was going thru the Kroger line last week and I whopped out my Visa card to pay the balance of a Mexican Mother's bill standing in need of feeding her hungry children, who she was with. I felt blessed, that I was able to do it.

But, it doesn't stop me from feeling the way I feel.

Have A Blessed Day & Come Back Again,

Miss Vicki