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23 May 2007

Overweight Girl Should Be Glad She Was Raped

Sheilagh Davis a British Trial Lawyer is defending a 14 year old male for the charge of rape. At the time of said rape the defendant was 13 years old. Her client along with 2 other boys have been accused of gang raping a plus sized girl.

Davis has caused an outrage by stating, that the victim who was fat & overweight should be happy for the attention, which was paid to her. This victim was made to strip, lie face down and then violated in a park. Her friend stated, that she was also forced to perform a disgusting act.

"It is all too unrealistic that sexual encounters between boys and girls who have never met before must be against the girls' will. They are learning to be sexually attractive, perhaps before their time. 'It is all about, "Let's try it, let's get on with it".

Prior to this, the 3 boys stole these young ladies cellphones from the bus, which they all were riding on. "They are facing various charges of robbery, rape, attempted rape and sexual assault."

After the 3 of these juveniles are sentenced, based on the very words which was spoken by her--she should be disbarred. Those words are promoting future violence against women and young girls. And, this should not be okay under any conditions.

1 comment:

nichole said...

Wow what is going on with our world today, i dont recall reading about this, but im sure this isnt gonna be the only scenerio around...when are parents going to step up and teach their children???