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21 May 2007

Rachael Ray backs the Great American Bake Sale to Feed Hungry Children

The Great American Bake Sale is a national campaign to raise money to feed our hungry children. This bake sale was created in the charity Share Our Strength in partnership with PARADE Magazine. It began on May 19th and will end on August 31st.

Rachael Ray states, "Helping the hungry can be easy as pie. I mean, it's a very simple concept." And, truly it is. It's as simple as getting a group of friends, family members, church members or people within your community to have a bake sale, a bake off. Then all proceeds can be donated to a very good cause. Filling the bellies of hungry and starving children.

Share Our Strength has raised over 180 million dollars in the past 20 years for fighting childhood hunger here in the United States. Their philosophy, "It Takes More Than Food To Fight Hunger."

Children in America are going to school hungry and to bed hungry. The effects of childhood hunger not only effect their health, but there are educational consequences as well. America currently has 34 million people who are starving and 13 million children who are hungry and need to be fed. That's 1 in 10 households.

Many of these children live in households with dual incomes. Parents working minimum wage jobs without the promise for any future higher earning potential. Employers giving you almost enough hours to make you full time, but falling 1 or 2 hours short, in order to keep from giving you health care benefits. The end result, 'you're the working poor.'

Here are the choices the working poor, come up against.
1. buy food or pay rent
2. buy food or pay gas/electric
2. buy food or medicine
3. buy food or clothing

What kind of choices are these? None that should have to be made for a citizen of the United States. There are several ways you can participate in the Great American Bake Sale. Register To Participate Online or via phone, Host a Great American Bake Sale in your community, or Send in funds to Share Our Strength.

If baking isn't your forte' there are other ways to make a contribution. Hold a car wash, yard sale, make and sell crafts and my favorite is a BBQ competition. Please check out Share Our Strength website To Learn How To Get Started.

Each and everyone of us, need to think seriously about this especially tonight when we go into our kitchen's to fix our midnight snack. Some child on your street, in your community or neighboring one hasn't had a snack meal or nourishment for days.

And, I agree wholeheartedly with Teresa Siriani, President of People Report..."This is criminal."

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