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17 May 2008

California Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Ban, But No Impact On Religious Doctrines

Everybody is not jumping up and down in regards to The California Supreme Court 4-3 decision, that under the California Constitution, same-sex couples have the right to marry. As a matter of fact, Chief "Justice Ronald M. George declared that any law that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation will from this point on be constitutionally suspect in California in the same way as laws that discriminate by race or gender, making the state's high court the first in the nation to adopt such a stringent standard." (sure wish it was like this all over the world).

Yet, just because the California Supreme Court has made this ruling it does not require any religious officiant to solemnize a marriage in contravention of his or her religious beliefs and no religion will be required to change its religious policies or practices.

Here are some links that maybe of interest In re Marriage Cases/In The Supreme Court of California, The LA Times, and links to the briefs and recordings of the oral arguments in the case.

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