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18 May 2008

Camping.OUT a Summer Camp for LGBT Teens

Summer camp opens on August 12 - 17, registration costs start at $500 and this is the 3rd year of operation. The campers participate in the usual activities, such as archery, hiking, canoeing, roasting marshmallows at the campfires and even jewelry making, but this is definitely a camp set apart from the rest.

Here the teens discuss LGBT issues and they participate in drama shows where they can dress in drag.

Camping.OUT, is a summer camp managed by the Triangle Foundation, and for those who need financial assistance there is a scholarship fund supported by organizations including the Matthew Shepard Foundation, Advocates for Youth and PFLAG. The camp is licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services.

For more information Curve Magazine, Youth Camp says, "It's OK to Be Gay!"


Queers United said...

That is so cool, things are changing so fast, it makes me happy to see that the future gays will have an easier life.

Miss Vicki said...

if i had a gay child or family member i know where they would be on 8/12/08!

Sh@ney said...

What a wonderful initiative!
I would certainly send along my kids (if I had any)
Programs like this are a fabulous way to get them involved with the community, to explore options and learn so much. Not too mention have a blast!
Gee here is wishing I was a teen all over again!

Miss Vicki said...

ah man! what I would have given to have been able to attend this camp growing up - wow!!!