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18 May 2008

Survey Tells The Truth about LGBT Care at Hospitals

A survey was sent out to 1,000 hospitals nationwide in attempt to rate them (The Healthcare Equality Index) on the standards which each set when it comes to patient care for the LGBT population. I'm sad to announce that only a mere 88 hospitals decided to participate.

The participating hospitals were evaluated on 5 key components which was patient nondiscrimination, hospital visitation, decision making, cultural-competency training and employment policies.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

* Ninety-eight percent of participating hospitals have a Patient's Bill of Rights and/or patient nondiscrimination policies that include sexual orientation. Sixty-six percent have policies that also include gender identity and/or expression.

* Sixty-eight percent have written policies that allow LGBT domestic partners the same access as spouses and next of kin. Sixty-eight percent have a written policy that allows same-sex parents the same rights and access as opposite-sex parents for visitation of their minor children.

* Sixty-four percent of hospitals have written policies that allow same-sex parents the same rights as opposite-sex parents when it comes to making medical decisions for their minor children, while 88 percent of participating hospitals recognize healthcare directives that grant domestic partners decision-making authority.

* Sixty-nine percent of the participating hospitals provide diversity or cultural-competency training to personnel to address issues related to GLBT patients and their families.

* Fifty-eight percent of hospitals bar discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression. Eighty-four percent bar discrimination on the basis of orientation. Twenty-eight percent of the hospitals bar discrimination on the basis of orientation in states that don't have protection on the basis of sexual orientation. Seventeen percent of the hospitals bar discrimination on the basis of gender identity in states that don't have protection on the basis of gender identity. Diversity Inc.

See the List of Participating Hospitals.

*The survey was sent to all hospitals with 300 beds or more.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great initiative. Hopefully spotlighting these hospitals will encourage accountability. I would think they would want to score well to improve their bottom line. I know it would make a difference to me in choosing a hospital. Great post.

Miss Vicki said...

not a hospital in Cincy participated, my hometown, off the top of me head i can name 5 major ones but we have more - i'm sickened by their no show.

thanks for your thumbs up on this post!

Ceara said...

When I was in the hospital for surgery they were really nice to Cara and I. I don't know if they have a same sex partner policy but they were really cool. Cara slept in the room with me the night after surgery. I was so out of that the nurses and Dr. would ask her for information and such.

It was a good experiance all around. Except that I had to be ther for surgery and all that hoopla.

Miss Vicki said...

This is wonderful news to hear Ceara! Would said hospital happen to be in Cincy? I'm getting ready to donate my ovaries to science or the hell whomever wants the pain in my ass I mean eggs! Sounds like the type of facility I wouldn't mind hanging overnight in.

Glad everything worked out okay for ya.

CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad it's the majority now. L'Ailee and I have had mostly good experiences, but a couple years ago I had a surfing accident. Surfed right into a sailboat and got a concussion--my whole right side was one big bruise. If I wasn't alert enough to make a screaming scene before I finally passed out, L'Ailee wouldn't have been allowed into the emergency room with me! This is such an important issue, especially since baby boom LGBTs are growing older along with everyone else.

Miss Vicki said...

well surf on! it is an important issue a human right issue don't know how anyone could mistreat those in the hospital that need their love ones - no matter the sexual orientation

CrackerLilo said...

Felt like sharing these with you.

The accident. I didn't even mention passing out. Why? Because I forgot it while I was on Vicodin. I had nightmares about being separated from L'Ailee when I got off of it, and then she and my friends told me what I did.

When I mentioned this to people who opposed SSM, their response riled me up. They both said, "Why don't you quit surfing?" And of course, they're non-surfers. I saw parallels!!!

Have a great weekend!