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15 May 2008

Cardinal’s niece bares her breasts to expose his ‘hypocrisy’

Magdalena Rouco Hernandez , age 27 was a child who went to mass on a daily basis, but she decided to do this photo shoot in order to expose her uncle's hypocrisy after the death of her father.

"Cardinal Rouco, 72, (also a friend of Pope Benedict XVI) leads a conservative wing of the Spanish church which has clashed repeatedly with the socialist government over social reforms including the legalisation of gay marriage, quick divorces, educational reforms and stem-cell research." But, he's an investor of Viagra and Dep-Provera the injectable contraceptive, used by 30 million women worldwide. Both products are manufactured by Pfizer.

It appears that the Cardinal's niece has many reasons for her irritation with him. He never telephoned after the death of her mother nor lent a helping hand of kindness or support when her husband lost his job. Yet, the straw that broke the camels back was the total lack of regard or compassion during the time of the families loss -- her daddy.
My uncle never tires of repeating that the family is sacred and that you have to respect it. But then he does not respect it and abandons his own. When my father died, [Rouco] did not come to the funeral, didn’t send flowers or tell my mother of his sorrow. He told us he had a meeting with Pope John Paul II, but it was not true.
My only advice to this young woman is that she better watch out. Uncle the Cardinal will start creeping in her bed - molestation. Oh that's right she's not a little boy or girl.


Queers United said...

wow thanks for sharing this, talk about a rebellious chick lol.

Miss Vicki said...

lol foreal! i've never got that irritated w/my uncle.