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14 May 2008

Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve Suck It Up

Hey don't get mad at me those are the very words found in your Bible, so do you think Adam loved Eve like a sister or a pet goat? Of course not! He loved her like a man loves a woman, his helpmate and lover. Can I get an agreement on that?

Then for those who take their Holy Bible at its very words, then tell me why is so hard to understand that Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve? Is it because this love was celebrated an accepted? Is it because this goes against the very grain of the hatred and condemnation they've been taught?

My big sister is a Pastor who oftentimes crosses the line of a religious nut. She use to believe that we would go to Hell by wearing make up and painting our fingernails. Needless to say, my lipstick was Cherry Red and my well manicured nails - that's right matching in shade. It was hard for her to break even those thoughts/beliefs.

She struggled so hard and at the end Big Sis admitted that it meant saying the teachings she'd been taught were all wrong. And that's not easy for a Christian to do. My sister was very religious and for decades this is what she related to her congregation, this is what she taught many a woman. The thought of telling them - Oops! - I was wrong was harder than living in bondage and more importantly living a lie.

Anyways.....Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve -- YaY! Maybe before it's all over people will understand how I can say, 'That God is a Dyke.


CrackerLilo said...

I once attended a two-woman Holy Union where the reading was from the Book of Ruth. Very beautiful. I remember running home, grabbing my reference Bible (I'm a Pagan, but still have three Bibles) and re-reading that story with fresh eyes.

That must have been *very* hard for your sister. Very brave. How did the other women react?

By the way, I came via Queers United.

Cally said...

regardless as to whether or i agree, this scripture is a valid argument in defense of homosexuality.

Miss Vicki said...

Hey crackerlilo! The women were so happy they no longer had to sneak around and could wear their makeup to church...lol!

The Bible if it ever was has been rewritten edited and trampled upon, it stop being authentic when man got their hands on it.

Deep research with study shows same sex marriages and civil unions were all thru the Bible.

Roman Catholics called for its condemnation. The Bible its teachings is a total farce to me.

Hell - Satan - give me a break!

Thanks for stopping by come see me again.

Anonymous said...

That's awsome!!!