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22 May 2008

Gambian President says, “Cut off the head” of any homosexual caught in his country."

Forgive me for my potty mouth and what I'm about to say, "but why don't they just kill this bastard?!"

Seriously, he should be dead before morning.

The citizens there should not wait for Amnesty International or the United States of America to save them from another genocide.

This time it's a genocide against gays and lesbians, they have got to start protecting themselves.

"You say wanna a Revolution?" I'd give them one!

you can finish reading this article at AFRIK.COM


Ceara said...

Oh the United States won't help them out. Bush is still president. He's probably sitting in his office thinking: Gee I wish I could do that.

Miss Vicki said...

Oh how true!

Fuck Him said...

I'm with you, I say kill the bastard!

Steven Bently said...

That type of hatred is coming from the idiots buy-bull.

It's so fucking ridiclous to care what someone does with their private lives, Two consenting adults should be able to do anything they fucking want.

I mean if it hurts no one, who should fucking care. I sure as fuck do not care!

Miss Vicki said...

why don't be afraid to share your feelings, tell us what you're really thinking...lol