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04 June 2008

Barack Obama Our Democratic Presidential Nominee 2008

Congratulations Senator Barack Obama our Democratic Presidential Nominee 2008!

The Obama's are on their way to The White House!


Queers United said...


Miss Vicki said...

yes, now let the next set of games begin!

Sh@ney said...

And I really hope he gets there too!

Miss Vicki said...

He told Tyra Banks when they get there we were going to have a barbecue...lol!

thehostess said...

I love the second pic you posted...after the crowd, behind the scenes...bring on the Republicans!!!

Miss Vicki said...

don't they look beau-ti-FUL!

A-pluss.com said...

Can you show me where can I get some more info on this issue? Bad news travels fast