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05 June 2008

Being Gay or Lesbian in Uganda is called the "Western Disease"

They believe it can be treated and cured, therefore it really doesn't exist.
President Museveni said about HIV: "We don't have homosexuals in Uganda so this is mainly hetersexual transmission."
They even have "Name and Shame Articles in the newspapers."

In Uganda homosexuality can be punished by a term of imprisonment of between seven years and life. I guess this is what could happen if they decide not to kill you first!

Watch the video story of Prossy Kakooza, she and her girlfriend were hauled off naked to jail for simply loving and being who they are. The word spread through out the facility and the male guards told a lie -- Prossy was boasting and telling stories of her lesbianism. This is what happened:
Over the next four days, Prossy was subjected to horrific sexual and physical violence and abuse. After this her father bribed the guards to release her. He had decided to have her killed as she had brought 'shame' on the family. Prossy managed to escape from the family home and fled to the UK.

Thanks! Lesbian.Pro.


Cally said...

This is tragic, all because she is a lesbian. Uganda seems as if they make rules and laws up as they go along.

Sh@ney said...

It is terrible to see leadership in countries taking on this barbaric attitude. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that 'where we live' does not act with such brutality towards homosexuality.

Though the laws that govern our freedom in many ways, are not much better.

Miss Vicki said...

Watching the way other countries treat their women and children makes me hate.

I could get a machine gun and kill them foreal. Go home take a shower a bath eat my favorite meal turn the tele on then go to sleep.

Believe me my conscious would not bother me. Just another dead soldier! or army.

Renee said...

While it may be illegal to kill someone because of their sexuality that does not stop those murders from occurring in the west, We cannot look at the situation in Uganda as just a backward third world problem. Queer people are under attack globally. The effort to stop the violence against GLBT must be on an international level.

Alex said...

We think we're so far ahead, but really there is still so much farther to go before people are really free to be themselves.

Thanks for this informative, yet troubling post. All the best dyking God!


Miss Vicki said...

Why thank you Sir Alex!

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