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05 June 2008

John McCain's Voting Record says "I don't like Gays!"

For everyone who is pouting and stomping their feet because Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't the democratic presidential nominee and has decided to vote for John McCain, you might want to rethink this.

Watch this video and see if it doesn't change your mind. He can't get anymore prehistoric than this. He doesn't just sell wolf tickets of not liking the so called "LGBT Agenda." The man votes against all the issues - even funding for aids (which isn't a lgbt agenda or social disease it's not a respecter of persons)- come on man!

thanks Queers United!


Anonymous said...

I personally think that voting for McCain would be like giving Bush another term. It would be incredibly wrong and there will be a lot at stake if he wins the election.

I personally like the video that was played I think over at Feministing of McCain on the Ellen deGeneres (sp?) show. He tried to walk that tight rope and fell off. It's up on YouTube somewhere.

I wanted Hillary, but I'm not going to be stupid enough to vote for McCain simply because she lost. The most important thing here is to get a Democratic president in office again, whether that's Hillary or Obama.

Miss Vicki said...

Yeah I seen that one also, this gives more of a breakdown in many issues that he won't support rather than simply the gay marriage issue.

have a great day.

Cally said...

Great video, McCain probably doesn't support Hate Crimes because he thinks it can only be applied to lesbians or gays. This is why Rod Parsley and his church doesn't support Hate Crime.

Sh@ney said...

He sounds like a prick Miss Vicki!
I am sure if he was running for PM here is Aussieland he would end up with egg on his face reak quick!

Personally I'd be looking for something more note worthy like dog poo!

I despise those who take away our right to freedom based on sexuality. WTF do they think they are! Sozzy I get worked up over gay issues!

Sh@ney said...

Ooops for the typo's. If only I looked up ocassionally...Two finger typist here, 3 on a good day...LOL


Miss Vicki said...

What's Up?! I've been listening to CNN MSNBC and the rest, McCain is a real dog cat. He voted NO on all issues to help give aid and funding to the New Orleans Victims/Survivors.

I looked at him the other day that fucker is too old to run for president.

If this idiot gets in office he is liable to try to put us in prison or the psych ward.

I wish we could send him to Aussieland!

Queers United said...

Hmm lets think of John McCain slogans, I need to get creative and make some tshirts lol.

Miss Vicki said...

older than dirt comes to mind..lol!

i know i'm bad.

Steven Bently said...

We can't let that asswipe get elected, because Huckle Berry Hound(Dingle Berry) Huckabee is waiting in the throws in case Johnny house gets sick or croaks, Huckleberry is one sick fuck...blah

Miss Vicki said...

So is uhmmm what's his name the mormon with the perfect hair, shoot - Romney. I heard him speaking the other day on lgbt rights - OMG!

Sh@ney said...

LOL Send him on over, I'll go and scoop the dog poop!!!

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