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17 June 2008

Beyonce sang, The National Athem

Okay, I guess it is sometimes better late than never?

I didn't know until a few minutes ago, that my girrl Beyonce had sang 'The National Athem'. And, as Randy Jackson once said "She Rocked It, She Worked It Out."

Beyonce sat next to Vice Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, General Peter Pace and he walked her to the stage. Pace was representing sailors soldiers airmen marines and coastguard men.

Just Listen, Beyonce sounds like a dove, it literally gave me the chills.


Cally said...

Glad you posted this, I had never seen it or heard about B.

Her voice is chilling beautiful that's a nice video, too!

Miss Vicki said...

doesn't she sound beautiful, now that's why evokes a feeling of patriotism.

that's a well edited video - airplanes, the general, the soldiers etc.