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17 June 2008

National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study

(basically Lesbians have been studied and tracked since 1980... and 2 mommies raise happy well adjusted babies -- girls and boys.

A Basic Introduction To Our Studys

The USA National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS) has been following lesbian mothers and their children, who were conceived by donor insemination (DI) during the lesbian baby boom of the 1980s. Initiated by Nanette Gartrell, MD, the NLLFS examines the social, psychological, and emotional development of the children as well as the dynamics of alternative families and children of LGBT parents. This is the longest-running and largest prospective investigation of lesbian moms and their children in the United States. This study is intended to generate information for specialists in healthcare, family services, sociology, feminist studies, education, ethics, gay marriage, and public policy on matters pertaining to LGBT families.

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