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03 June 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Gay Marriage Ban Qualifies for California Ballot

SAN FRANCISCO -- California's Secretary of State says an initiative that would again outlaw gay marriage in the state has qualified for the November ballot.

Keep reading- click here - So what it ain't over til the fat lady sings - and I don't hear her whistling no dixie!

I wonder if each signature has indeed been verified for authenticity OR IF they've merely been turned in to reach the count that was needed ??

(Last thought... unhappy people really do need to get themselves a Life!)


Queers United said...

its gonna be a big fight, let the holy war begin

Miss Vicki said...


Ceara said...

Okay, I'm one of those that tends to think that the process of protecting the rights of a few in the courts will be enough.
Not any more. I've slowly become more and more angry. There will come a day when I will march in the streets instead of just bitching on my blog.
There will come a day when gay, lesbian, and straight people will rise up with one voice and say: No more.
That day is coming and I will be ready.

Miss Vicki said...

My 91 yr old grandmother marched on Capitol Hill for gay rights back in the late 70's when gay rights were unheard of.

Just because the stinking dog cats are going to have it on the ballot doesn't mean its going to pass - NOT GONNA HAPPEN!