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11 June 2008

Coors Brewing Company The First Corporation To Support The Matthew Shepard Foundation's New Campaign

Coors Brewing Company was the first corporation to respond to a public call by Judy Shepard to join her in her commitment to ensure dealing with hate is a top priority in our schools and workplaces. Coors, a national sponsor of the Foundation, will match 100% of the first $25,000 in individual’s donations through the Campaign to Erase Hate website.
“Coors takes great pride in being a partner with an organization with such a powerful and important message.” Said Doug Sanborn, Manager, Corporate Relations. “We wanted to help the Foundation engage more people in this important campaign as well as help provide the crucial funds it takes to fulfill such a movement. Coors is dedicated to its on going partnership with the mission of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.”
The Campaign to Erase Hate was created to mark the 10th year since Matthew’s death. The overall goal is to equip individuals with the necessary tools to discuss and address hate in our society. These tools include personal webpages, resources on dealing with hateful speech and actions, monthly correspondence and most importantly, a way to invite ten others to join. Coors is the first company to sign on as a corporate supporter. The goal is to engage 9 other corporations at the same level.
“We are starting a movement of people dedicated to erasing hate from our schools, workplaces, and communities. For the last ten years, individuals have been raising themselves to do amazing things with no resources. What we are trying to do is give this great work a structure and create a community of individuals who are using their voices and talents to address these issues,” said Judy Shepard.
The Matthew Shepard Foundation is dedicated to 'Erasing Hate' through education, advocacy and awareness. The Foundation is the voice for inclusive hate crimes legislation and works to empower and ensure the safety of gay, transgender and allied youth. For more information, please visit Matthew Shepard.org and Matthews Place.
The Campaign to Erase Hate is a program of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. It models the principles that were core to the beliefs and aspirations of Matthew Shepard. To join the campaign, visit Matthew Shepard.org Erase The Hate.


Queers United said...

i dont drink beer, but cheers to the good news

Miss Vicki said...

i have one every friday now i must drink Coors!

Cally said...

Everyday Friday and Saturday on this end...lol.