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11 June 2008

But I'm Not Gay!

Could you all answer something for me please?

I just finished reading my e-mails from the LGBT group I'm a member of through Barack Obama a Change We Can Believe In - his official website. It's always amazing to me as I read the many messages, just how many start off by saying,

"I AM NOT GAY, but...."
Then they proceed to share the information, which they are e-mailing us about. Why is this?

I have noticed that every group, blog etc. which I'm a member of that is LGBT oriented (so it's not only Obama's) right out the starting gate the author of the message must relate that they are not Gay. So what? Do you want us to give you some cookies or would you simply prefer that We jump and down?

If they're just passing on pertinent information and data why do they feel compelled to tell us, "Hey Now, don't get it twisted I'm straight!"

Are they afraid thru their emails postings and comments we will try and make a move on them or what? I'm a lesbian, but when I enter what is allegedly a 'quote unquote' heterosexual group, committee - I do not start off with
I dunno, I'm just finding it a little irritating this evening.....

Do you have any thoughts?


Queers United said...

tell em about ex-straight therapy, there is always hope for change through the power of hare krishna lol.

Miss Vicki said...

can you hear me screaming with laughter...lol...foreal!

Cally said...

I can see why that would be rather irritating, but I don't have an answer for you? Maybe they're having some closeted issues?

Steven Bently said...

First off let me say, I'm not a Christian, that's usually the opposite quote on atheists sites...lol

Yeah they want to get that OUT FRONT, I'm not gay! Let me make this perfectly clear! I am not gay! I never was gay! I never have been gay!

Now who does that remind us of? mmmm?

Sounds like they want to clear the air before they continue...lol

Sh@ney said...

I don't have any thoughts...But I'm GAY! So there!


Sorry I had too. I felt compelled!


Miss Vicki said...

yall are too funny!!!!! i needed that good laugh.