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11 June 2008

Brokeback Mountain will soon become an Opera

I Hear Standing Room Only - It's Sold Out!
according to Lesbilicious :

Brokeback Mountain will soon become an Opera! I mean how awesome is that?! I'm absolutely flabbergasted, wish I would have thought of it and had the means to produce it.
The New York City Opera has commissioned the work, which is based on both the film, directed by Ang Lee, and the short story by Annie Proulx that the film is based on. The opera will premiere in the Spring of 2013.


Queers United said...

fun! i wanna go!

Miss Vicki said...

i can't wait!!!!

Cally said...

Can't wait to see whose casted for the roles.

Alexandra said...

I heard about this! It'll be interesting to see how this is written/produced.

Miss Vicki said...

this is really exciting

Steven Bently said...

Brilliant actually!

Sh@ney said...

Ahhh as it should be! And no doubt will be brilliant! Dang to think I could have Co-Produced it with you hon...Mind you it would probably sound more like Scream 'meets' the Fockers if I was behind the production wheel....:P

Miss Vicki said...

well i screamed w/laughter watching the silly Fockers, so eh maybe it wouldn't have been a bad thing...lol